Product Review: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser™ Dual Cyclonic Vacuum

Model #: 3920

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is designed to lift and remove pet hair and dander with ease utilizing Dual Cyclonic technology. The vacuum features a “Pet Hair Lifter” which is designed specifically to cause the strands of pet hair to ‘cling’ onto the lifting piece; getting sucked into the vacuum in a convenient manner (working similar to a lint brush).

This machine also provides the exclusive PET Contour Tool and PET TurboBrush for even further pet cleaning needs. These tools allow you to suck up dirt, hair, dander, and dust in a quick, easy, and effective manner. The contour tool will bend and shape itself to difficult edges such as on a staircase and furniture.

With an Easy Empty™ container, cleaning the vacuum is a very simple process and only takes a moment to complete.


This vacuum has been a great addition to our home and has truly helped my allergies with dust and pet hair. I use the machine every day in my house and have never had any types of malfunctions. It has a variety of height adjustments (including one for bare flooring such as tile) so that I’m able to accurately clean multiple rooms without risking a motor burnout as I’ve had happen before with thick/high carpeting. How To Buy The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleanerit is the question asked from the sellers in the market. The quality and rates of the product should be compared while buying them.  

The Pet Hair Eraser works great not only for pet purposes but as a standard vacuum to clean daily messes as well. I’m constantly using it to pick up crumbs and dirt from around the house. I really enjoy the PET TurboBrush for cleaning my couch since it essentially works like a mini vacuum with rotating brushes that suck up everything

Another aspect about this vacuum that I enjoy is the convenience of disposal. It has a bag-less chamber that easily detaches and can be dumped. It allows me to see everything I’m cleaning off of my floors and lets me know that the machine is truly doing its job. When I first got the Pet Hair Eraser I had vacuumed my carpet the day before; after running over the same areas with the new vacuum there was a significant amount of dust and dirt already in the tub. I was pretty surprised to see the difference in cleaning power versus my older one.


One of the main reasons that this vacuum obtained a 3.5 rating is due to its performance on tile. One of the features I was most excited about was the setting for bare floors; I was so happy at the thought of not having to constantly sweep every day. However, once I actually utilized the option I was quite disappointed. Instead of sucking up all of the dirt it instead kicks it backwards behind the vacuum and at times up at my legs due to the speed of the brushes. I have to go over the same areas many times before it actually sucks everything up without throwing it all over the place.

After many attempts at trying to find a method that works, I gave up and have gone back to the broom and dust pan. I’ve also researched and have found many other reviews from individuals on websites which sell the vacuum stating that they have the same problem. So, in my personal opinion – if you’re looking for a vacuum that tackles pet hair and carpet like a champ, than this is the one for you! However, if you are in need of a machine that cleans your hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring then I suggest you continue your search for something that functions better for the task.