Searching for a person online can be a daunting and challenging feat especially because there are people with the same names. You also may not have any other information at hand aside from a first name. While searching for someone is practically easier and faster today compared to many years back, the range of tools available online may be confusing to begin with.

How Do I Start My Search?

The best way to beging your search is to jot down notes on the available information you have on the person. Having the first name only or both the first and last names may also be trivial because a lot of people may have the same information available.

It would be wise to start with an outline of data points such as the person’s first and last name, age, city or address, birthday, schools attended, and employment information. This information helps you get the right leads and increase your chances of finding the right person.

What are the Useful Search Tools to Use for Person Lookup?

Google seems to stand out as the basic tool for search however for people search; you might want to go to White Pages or to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These sites would provide you a bulk of information about the person you are looking for.

In White Pages Annuaire Telephonique, you would also be able to look up people by name and then zero in your leads with certain data points like their associates, current address, and other valuable data like their landline phone numbers or mobile numbers.

For people search you can opt for a public records search which would require you to enter the individual’s first and last name or the middle initial for better precision of results. You can also refine your search by adding the city, zip code, and state.

White Pages People Search is dubbed to the most popular and credible people finder when searching for people by name. This also helps with background checks and identity verification which is crucial to make people feel a lot secure, prevent fraudulent activities, verify people’s identities, reconnect with loved ones, or to screen potential employees and tenants. Overall, this allows you to make better and well-informed decisions.

Why White Pages is the Best Site to Search for Someone

White Pages is a recommended starting point when you are doing people search. You will know the basic information regarding a person such as location, contact numbers, and other pertinent information. With data at hand, you can now cross reference information and profiles using different sources or sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which will show matches in profiles or other information like mutual friends which is significant to narrowing down your search.

How To Look for MORE Information Regarding a Person

You can use Whitepages Premium, which is a specialized service which provides privileged or premium information regarding the individual you’re looking for which is not readily available on other sites. Whitepages is able to compile different information on a person by conducting a background check which could include arrest records, email address, phone numbers, driving, records, employment records; and the like.