There are certain students who are bright in their studies and have been achieving top grades right from day one. They are the darlings of their parents and teachers, and rightfully so, whereas under achievers are relegated to the sidelines and are constantly taunted and teased by the same group of people. 

While the parents constantly pester their children to perform as good as the next door neighbors’ child, the teachers do the same by asking them to emulate the top students’ performance in the class and even better him. 

This has been going on since time immemorial and hence becomes too monotonous and boring to talk about all the time. The main reason why this mundane issue is still a topic of contention is because, unfortunately, this practice continues to this day. 

Yes, the doctrine system of education continues to persist where children are burdened to perform right from childhood to and achieve top grades so as to clear school and college and qualify for a well paid job in a reputed organization. 

To be frank, every child is special and has his/her own potential which does not necessarily relate to academic performance as having a degree is no guarantee for a even a peon’s job these days. 

Pilot Batch 

In real life, there are many professions available to choose from and one of them is that of a pilot or related to aircraft. If you know how to operate and fly a plane, then you can very well qualify for the position of a pilot in any of the reputed airlines of your country. 

However, just like studies, you cannot learn the fine art in a few days because it involves years and years of dedication and commitment and with lots of hardcore practice in the bargain. 

To become a pilot is not to be taken as a joke as it is only with a fierce fire of passion burning inside you will keep you going and tackle various challenges and hurdles along the way. 

There are certain people who casually proclaim to become a pilot one day but do little to realize that dream, which means that they are not serious at all. RC pilots are also the same as most of them give up after a short period. 

The Predicament 

The problem is that the budding pilots don’t know how and where to begin as the first website to look for is headsuphobby, which will tell you all about RC planes and robotic drones right from the basic points to the very last detail. 

The general predicament faced by them is that they are confused about the mechanism online because it is too vast and complex to understand in one go. As also there are some who start off well as pilots but give in to the pressure of performing well and lose out on self confidence. 

Also, the trainers are also firm and strict with a no-nonsense attitude, which tends to demoralize certain individuals and they give up after a few unsuccessful tries. In any case, RC planes are not for the faint hearted as it involves numerous amounts of risks to life. 


Heads on hobby contains blogs and articles about various experts who have experienced everything and will tell you about their various adventures as pilots, which would provide motivation and moral support for them to go on with their struggle. 

Turn Passion Into Profession 

There is nothing much to worry about for pilots who are not flying as well as they used to due to various reasons and it is only natural and found in all types of profession. 

The pilots have nothing much to worry about as they have turned their passion into profession and this has already solved half their problems. 

Here are certain tips on how to become a better RC pilot: 

  1. Get your own plane that is lightweight and dispel negative thoughts 
  2. Get rid of old planes by using it as a sacrifice as it is of no use and fly inverted in the new aircraft 
  3. Land more frequently than ever as it will allow you to balance the aircraft 
  4. As with spare tyre, have spare airframes in handy 
  5. RC pilots are required to fly planes of different sizes and varieties 
  6. Keep good batteries 
  7. Learn at an airfield that has more number of planes 
  8. Learn important acrobatic maneuvers