Bitcoin is today considered to be the most popular form of crypto currency in the world today with many people, majority of them being youngsters, having a coin in their name and have the distinction and privilege of being some of the youngest millionaires the world has produced in the past few decades.

Bitcoin is one that has no replacement when it comes to the discussion of rise and fall of phenomenon, for that is what it has become ever since it was launched a decade ago. Its success is one that cannot be explained into words.

Never before had any digital currency been tried and tested to such an extent and therefore its unprecedented success is a naturally going to be a topic that will be discussed again and again.

Bitcoin has been imitated many times but no one has been able to duplicate its success. It was invented by a group of people who chose to remain anonymous and released it in 2009 as a result of its source code being released as an open software.

Cryptography is one of the most innovative methods to verify the transactions and it was discovered in a recent survey by Cambridge university that there were nearly 5 million people using a crypto-currency wallet and majority of them were into bitcoin by that time.

Similarly, there was a new company launched a couple of years back called Ripple. The new currency exchange in the market has, since its inception, caught the fancy of the general youth and all the potential investors around the world with its creative and new age network system.

It rose to prominence within a short span of time and is today seen as a rival of bitcoin, whose popularity has been dwindling in large numbers everywhere.

Let us discuss some more about Ripple in order to understand it better. Ripple is a network that was discovered and created by Ripple Labs Inc, based in USA, and was launched as a potential to generate and engage new users into its domain as it was seen as a huge potential for success.

Its objective was to provide service to banks so that they can transfer funds both nationally and internationally with the help of a payment system. The XRP coin the currency of Ripple.

This brand new crypto-currency emerged as a dominant player in the market and only went from strength to strength since its launch. However, there is a general misunderstanding among the users as they mistake Ripple and XRP for each other or are seen as one and the same by the majority of new age users.

The similarity between Bitcoin and Ripple is that both are aimed at specific target audiences but for different purposes. Both are crypto currencies but while the former is decentralized the latter, being launched as a payment system, is regulated by the central bank.

Bitcoin, due to it being launched a few years earlier, has greater value and its cost is a lot more compared to ripple. Ripple, being cheaper, is generally the more convenient option of the two when it comes to transaction purposes.

It is basically seen as a matter of compromise or, say, a consultation for less privileged individuals who cannot afford bitcoin, but they have no other choice other than this process.

So to say, that Ripple will turn out to be the bitcoin of the future is something that the experts can only give their opinions about but to predict its future standing in the market in an accurate manner is very difficult.

In a recent survey in September, it was found that XRP has come up around 40% in comparison to bitcoin and therefore the ripple sales shot up and was therefore a matter of pride for them and because they owned 60% of the company shares, they have worked even harder to take the cost sales even higher by the end of the year.

Thus, its seen that Ripple has had an eye on the market structure right from the start, as the germans would say ‘im blick haben’.

To top it all, the Ripple has purchased 40 million dollar shares from MoneyGram at 4 dollars per share, becoming its shared partner and enabling payment across different borders and is also on the lookout for more lucrative deals.

So going by its standing in the market in the current scenario, on which the experts have made their predictions, Ripple is going great guns and is all set to surpass bitcoin within the next 10 years, due to its sharp and steady success rate since 2012.

Calling it the next bitcoin would be doing injustice to its name and the hard work and efforts that has been put by ripple is quite high and should not be belittled by such statements. Bitcoin and Ripple maybe rivals, but to call the latter as an extension of the former is too strong a statement.