Everday people like you and me play Runescape and are in desperate need of arrows at cheap prices. This creates a very large market for those who know how to use this desperation and can use the fletching skill. I am a member in Runescape and love it. I sit at my computer for 6 hours and make arrows. I do not use any of my own stuff, except for my knife. Then, I sell the arrows to the player who ordered them at a discount from the market value if they buy in bulk. If these buyers only buy less than 200 arrows, I charge full price. Not only do I make enough gold off this one skill to support my account, I support other people’s accounts as well. If you would like to learn how to make millions in runescape, keep reading. First, a few requirements.

  • You must have a fletching level of 60 or higher, as this is when the real orders start coming in.
  • You must have a knife which is very easy to get in Al Kharid.
  • It is not a requirement, but it is wise to have a start up capital of one hundred thousand gold pieces.

The first step to making arrows and taking orders is to post in the forums that you are selling arrows. In your sales post, make sure to tell the readers how much the arrows are for each type. You can also post a few requirements like I do. I do not sell to people who do not have the required ranged skill for the arrow type they want to purchase. I also do not sell in quantities less than 100. This will turn off alot of buyers, but trust me, you do not want their type of business. They will take up your time and arrows that you sell, and then sell them for themselves at a higher price.

After you have made your sales post and put it in the fletching area of the forums, you should probably get to work on finding people that will sell you logs cheap if you buy in mass quantities. Also, you should find providers who will sell you feathers in mass quantities at a discount. I usually contact my brother who charges half the market rate for each type of log I want and nothing for feathers. Seeing that not all people will be able to have someone like this, there are many people you can hire per hour. I do this if my brother is not on.

Once you have the feathers and logs, it is time to start working on finding someone that will provide you with specific types of arrow heads. When at level 60 fletching, you can make up to Adamant arrows. Now that my business is up and going, I only sell Steel, Mithril and Adamant arrows unless I know the person I am selling too.

Check the prices of each type of arrows you can make and are selling daily. This will keep you ahead of the game and will let you know to charge 75%-80% of the max price. These prices are reasonable because it prevents people from reselling and taking away your customer base. The arrow market fluctuates, so check at the Grand Exchange before you make a sale. I also check my status and kills on websites like FPS tracker. You can check yours here.

Once you have the arrows made and have checked the prices, Amend your post in the forums to reflect those prices. A good way to avoid having to do this step, is by simply posting in your sales post that the charge for the arrows will be 75%-80% of the max cost for those specific types of arrows. Even though it can go up or down, the market is always there and is simply waiting for people to take advantage of it. I make my own arrows to supply my character. This saves me money, and levels my fletching skill at the same time.

If you follow these steps exactly, you will be well on your way to becoming a very well known supplier and your fletching skill will eventually reach the max. Mine is currently at 70 and I am 5 levels away from being able to craft rune arrows. This will increase my profits. Discipline yourself to make at least 3 thousand of each type of arrow before you start selling. That way, if your business takes of and soars from the beginning, you will not be out of stock within a few weeks. When you get down to about 300 arrows left of a certain type, stop taking orders for that type and increase inventory by 10 times that amount back to 3 thousand. I currently sell anywhere between 1k and 3k arrows of any given type in 3 weeks. At the bare minimum, that gives me three hundred and thirty three arrows per day sold of any given type on average.