A few weeks ago, I started playing Social City on Facebook.com. I have discovered a few tips to help beginners get on their way to massive cities fast. Here are my top tips in no particular order:

Don’t be afraid to invite all of your friends:

Even if you don’t think they will play the game, let them know that in order to level up in the game you have to have neighbors. So even if they aren’t willing to play the game, just by being neighbors they are helping you out. High number of neighbors will allow you get the biggest city expansions.

Don’t be afraid to use your Social City bucks early and often:

When you are starting your city you will receive a few bucks to help get you started, then approximately every time you level up you will receive one more buck, then of course if you wish, you can purchase bucks with real cash. After I had gathered 12 bucks, I immediately purchased one of the special leisure buildings to help improve my population.

This was just the first step as I planned to go much further in my quest for buildings and 12 bucks were mere peanuts compared to what lay ahead and took me back to the days when I played pokemon in my childhood and collecting Pokemon go account was a norm.

Always try to plan your renewing contracts around your schedule:

Factories in Social City are your main way to earn coins, and the longer your city sits without contracts, the longer your factories will be empty and not earning you money. These are quite possibly the biggest ways to earn to money and experience in the game.

Be sure to visit your neighbors everyday:

Everyday when you log onto Social City, it will tell you that your friends are in need of help, so you visit their cities to help out. Each neighbor you help will earn you a decent amount of cash and experience. This is a great way to level up.

Every time you build a new leisure building, add some residential homes and roads:

This is the best way to increase your population as well as keeping your population happy at the same time. Take me for example, I only started playing about 3 weeks, ago and I am already level 20, with a population of over 100,000. Using this method my city has boomed and I have the highest population of all of my friends.

Always remember to check your city at least once a day to perform upgrades, and cleaning:

This is another great way to maintain your population and their happiness. I check my city a few times a day to do these things but I know that sometimes it isn’t always possible to check every few hours, but once or twice per day is almost an absolute must to ensure that you keep your city at its very best.

Hopefully by using these tips you can build and maintain an amazing city, in no time at all.