The world is moving away from traditional marketing strategies and embracing digital methods. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for a range of strategies that work well in the digital world. Every day, more people get access to the internet and become a part of the digital world. Several surveys and researches have proved that businesses that adapt to modern marketing techniques see a significant rise in profits.

Internet video marketing is a branch of digital marketing where a brand uses attractive videos and animations to grab the targeted audience’s attention.

The need for internet video marketing

Is it necessary for companies to implement video marketing in their strategy? What is the need for internet video marketing?

Estimates suggest that each day, people watch content worth 500 million hours on YouTube! In 2021, video content is expected to drive the majority of global internet traffic. Thus, irrespective of the niche, all brands will find a major chunk of their targeted audience on online video platforms. Naturally, running video campaigns will have a greater reach than any other form of marketing.

When it comes to internet video marketing, it is not just about estimates and projections. More than half of the global marketing professionals agree that video content has the highest ROI. Video marketing has proven to have a better impact than other means such as text or images.

After 2010, video marketing gradually became accessible for small and medium-scale businesses too. Today, several brands around the world have realized the need and power of internet video marketing. Shifting to a new marketing strategy can be challenging for some companies. Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

Tips to get started with video marketing

  • Determine the goals and targets

The video content will mostly depend on the goals and targets fixed by the teams participating in the campaign. Enhancing brand awareness, driving sales, etc., are the broad goals that most companies have. Here, the teams must communicate to define specific goals as well.

To illustrate the importance of defining the right goals, consider this. If the goal is to increase sales, the video will have content focusing on case studies and testimonials from customers to build trust with potential future customers. At this point, it is also necessary to define the expected ROI for the steps taken.

  • Understanding the customer base

Most brands already have content in other forms – ads, blogs and so on. In this step, marketing professionals must track existing content’s performance to understand where most of their customer base lies. Once the brand recognizes the well-received content, it becomes easier to make videos on the same.

It is not only important to have great content to drive traffic towards one’s videos; the platform is also equally important. Each social media platform has a different demographic. Thus, video marketers must perform some research to find out the social media platform whose demographics match their target audience.

  • Know the key tools

First, one requires only three things to make a video marketing campaign – a quality video maker, a social media dashboard and a scheduler.

Not all video makers are good for beginners. Most of the video makers allow users to create a couple of videos before they need a subscription for access. Use this feature to check the quality of templates, range of animations, speed and the learning curve.

The dashboard is the place where marketers define their key metrics and analyze how their video content is performing. For beginners, a free dashboard tool will suffice.

A social media scheduler makes the lives of marketing professionals easier. One can automate the process of posting videos on social media platforms. Some tools even offer additional features such as collecting insights regarding the video and so on.

Things to remember

  • The duration of the video

The length of the video plays a huge role in attracting viewers. Companies should decide the length of their videos based on the platform where they would be posting them. For instance, 30 seconds is the best length for Instagram videos. For videos longer than a minute, YouTube would be a better choice. Generally, it is a good practice to keep the videos short and crisp.

  • The structure of the videos

Irrespective of the kind of content in the video, the company must make sure to include all the key elements – the right keywords along with the ideal placement and a line indicating call-to-action. After the video has been posted, increase engagement by sending emails regarding the same. Create blogs for the website that direct the reader to the video.

As this marketing method is gaining more popularity, one can find a range of easy-to-use video makers and related tools to get started.

Online video marketing – the way forward

Internet video marketing is being hailed as the future of marketing. Thus, the strategy is here to stay, at least for a couple of years. So, what are the exclusive benefits that one can expect from video marketing?They are the best as they give a lot of benefits.

  • Boost the conversion rate

Video content has the power to boost conversion rates in a way that no other content presently can. Experts say that video marketing campaigns are rather seen as an investment. Having a video on the landing page can enhance the conversion rate by a whopping 80%.

  • Connect better

Videos made with the right software and animation tools such as make the audience feel like they are having real interaction with the company representatives. Thus, it connects better with the audience.

  • Increase social shares

As regular internet users, we are all aware that short videos get shared more than blog articles or images. Thus, videos can help create a greater impact.

All the benefits mentioned above put the company in a powerful position. The company is now in control and has the power to influence the decision of its targeted audience.