The new treadmill. The new diet pill being sold in drugstores around the world. The new sneakers you pull on when going for a calorie-burning run. New fat reducing procedure in the form of coolsculpting. CoolSculpting® is a technologically advanced fat reduction procedure that works with science.

Each of these have one thing in common: Science. Science is affecting the world of diets, weight loss and health in ways never before seen. Whether you’re working out at the local gym, trying to find the best new diet that actually works, or experimenting with new ways to lose weight, science and health technology are impacting the lives of people everywhere.

In this health and dieting article, we’ll discuss the role that science is playing in weight loss and diets. This health issue has never been as relevant as it is now. Just last year, health and wellness researchers invented a special diet pill that makes dieters feel full. Made of a chemical called hydrogel, this new diet pill “expands in the stomach to make the dieter feel full. The effect can last several hours, during which the diet does not feel hungry.” (source)

The fast-paced life of the new world has not only become a problem to many people who have considered that doing any particular job in slower ways is better, but it has led many people to loss the appetite of natural weight loss processes like walking to schools or offices or spending time fishing at the nearby lake. Many people have either become couch potatoes when they come home from work because they are too tired to lift their kids to show affection or too engrossed on the new drama series. Ironically, these people also believe they need weight loss. For these people, science has become the main agent for them to achieve weight loss because the natural process of the old days, which by the way was also as scientific as the new processes, could not be employed anymore because this has slowly become outmoded.

Also, because of science many people believe they have gone beyond the boundary of what is necessary in achieving better life. It is science that points out to them that their weight is not proportional to their height and that they need weight loss processes so they could sustain their energy in the morning.

In achieving weight loss, science has become so necessary. It has become so important because many do not want to subject themselves of the new equipment at the gym without knowing the history of how these new pieces of metal have come about. Even in diet to achieve weight loss, science has played a central role. Nutritionists and dieticians have earned sizeable salaries because they spend much time in formulating the best diets for those who want to lose weight or want to maintain their weight.

Science has become the main ingredient of today’s modern life. Researchers have spent much time in their laboratories in search for the newest pill or newest exercise regimen for someone to achieve weight loss.

In the quest to achieve a better life, science will always be the main weapon. It will continue to be the only weapon.

But this is not new. Even in the old days, science was also the only way used to produce a better result. Only that no one told our forefathers that it was science which helped them achieved better ways. There was no Internet then and no one wrote about it. Science is as old as man itself, if not older.