The pubic area in men’s and women’s bodies is extremely delicate in the whole body. It needs utmost care and cleaning than the rest of the body parts. The cleaning and shaving process should be done after every two to three months to stay unaffected from specific skin allergies and infectious diseases. There are specially made trimmers for pubic area that have softer blades. In females, diseases like urinary tract infections and cervical cancer are quite common to notice these days.  

The following things are required to be concerned about while doing hair removal method down there: 

  1. Wash with lukewarm water: For opening up the skin and hair follicles, it is suggested to wash the targeted pubic area and hair with warmly wetted water or soak your lower body part in a bathtub filled with cozy water. It will remove excess dirt and oil from the clogged skin follicles. 
  2. Use skin-calming agents: When you are about to begin the trimming or shaving process, it would be great if you apply a nice amount of shaving gels or any kind of creams for the purpose of soothing your skin. It provides extreme aid in the later on trimming procedure because the properties of these types of creams and gels are to soften the hair quality and to make them easy to get removed. 
  3. Avoid chlorine: It is great to stay away from pools and other water bodies that have certain kinds of chemicals in them after the shaving is done. Chemicals such as chlorine are not at all skin-friendly and can cause excessive redness as well as itchiness. The opened pores will cause an irritating effect on the skin of the individual that might be harmful in the long run. Hence, it is suggested to shave the area before one or two days prior to going for the swimming pool. 
  4. Keep a separate razor: When you regularly trim down your pubic or body hair, then it becomes necessary for you to consider some vital points such as not share your trimmer or razor with anybody else as it might increase the risk or skin problems. 
  5. Avoid exfoliating: Scrubbing right after shaving is not at all a great idea, and it might cause severe bruises and redness on your skin. The exfoliation process includes various kinds of small granules of the product and is not fully in a soft creamy texture. Therefore, try to maintain a gap of at least two to three days in exfoliating after the shaving method. 
  6. Lube it well: After the shaving procedure, it is highly suggested to provide great nourishment to your skin in order to prevent it from getting dry. Coconut oil and baby oil are some of the excellent lubricators to apply. 
  7. Avoid alcohol: When the skin care products containing alcohol are applied to the skin, then they damage the skin in one way or the other. It is highly recommended not to use alcoholic shaving creams and aftershave lotions.

The final verdict:  

The shaving process is somewhat tricky to perform properly without facing difficulties. It is a great option to ask an expert dermatologist and follow as per he says regarding the removal of pubic hair. There are a lot of intimate wellness creams and lotions accessible for men and women to apply daily for maintaining a proper hygiene system.