Peter Jackson, the Director of “The Lord of the Rings” has decided to delve into Directing “The Hobbit”. The film was rumored for a long while, to have 2 parts. Confirmed today, on July 30, 2012 Peter Jackson posted on Facebook, that “The Hobbit” would in fact be a 3 film/movie production! This is not unlike the decision to turn “The Lord of the Rings” into 3 individual films.

After hearing that “The Hobbit” would be three, linked films we had high hopes for its production! The story is focused on the adventure “Bilbo Baggins” embarks upon with “Gandalf” and a company of dwarves. Bilbo is a more relaxed and at home character than “Frodo Baggins”, who was inspired by the stories Biblo told. We really need to see that in the first of “The Hobbit” films. The audience needs the character of Bilbo established as unadventurous and reluctant, being forced into questing with a old wizard and a wild band of dwarves. The information about the dragons of middle earth is made available in the drama. Either a person can see the drama or read it written through the author in several languages. . 

A topic most frightening is one of turning one single book into three individual films. “The Hobbit” is definitely a tale worthy of a movie, even two movies! Making three individual films however, is very risky. One major risk in making so many movies for one story is that they simply aren’t a book. When you read J.R.R.Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, you want to be pulled into the fantastical lore and world he created. You were however able to take in large amounts of deail while reading, but still take a break from it all and set the book down. When making a movie, you have to find similar ways to feed the same information through visuals and sound, risking the film being long, drawn out and frankly, dull. This is a rather large undertaking for Peter Jackson.

What about the original “Lord of the Rings” movies? Will “The Hobbit” compare to them as well? Lord of the rings had many things going for it. Multiple stories were being told, while they all revolved around one fantasy epic. Characters of diverse and eccentric races and personalities were thrown together as a team. The music score for each individual film will in fact, stand the test of time. No one can forget the violin played for the scenes in Rohan, or the thunderous clatter and drums of Moria and Isengard.

“The Hobbit” has much in the ways of competition, putting it up to an incredible task. Though, the audience has been surprised and left in awe of a single and small Hobbit before. While “The Hobbit” May in fact be an entirely separate tale from the one Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship told, it will be compared to the last three “Lord of the Rings” films. Here’s to hoping that Peter Jackson does just as well or even better that his prior films. He has yet to disappoint us!