Eight years on the market, our Cape Cod house developed a feeling of lonely winsomeness. We decided to build it near Lake Erie after two years of shopping at inflated real estate prices. My husband and I purchased a lot on the corner of Seventh Street and Poplar near Marblehead, Ohio. The lot cost twenty thousand which, in retrospect, we considered too expensive.

Landscaped with themes of antiquity and rock gardens all around, a home-made for-sale sign hailed passersby’s interest.

Before construction began, Larry sat at the kitchen table designing plans and estimating costs. This is where you will be going Through personal loans and house loans in order to aid you financially as you build your house. Planning all this in advance will help you in getting the lowest possible interest rates from your loan provider.

“I know you don’t like vinyl siding, but what else is there? he asked. “Aluminum is out of the question, it’s way too expensive and difficult to handle.”

Hours on the internet brought the decision to go with a new product that sounded interesting – cementuous siding. Each board originated with a mold created from an actual plank of cedar. A fireproof guarantee goes to an insurance discount, too.

The project of installing a footer had to be done on top of mostly rock. Larry drilled into the rock and inserted rebar for stability. Extra thick, dimensional roofing topped all.

Our for-sale sign drew a variety of inquiry; none were serious until a local named Bill came along. He’s a self-employed boat mechanic with a shop in nearby Marblehead. He fell in love with our place but had the extraordinary task of getting financed. Most of the summer passed. We thought Bill wanted the house but got discouraged. Larry removed our for-sale sign. The next day, we got a call from Bill.

“Did you sell the house?” he asked with an urgent tone of voice.

“No. I took the sign down, and was ready to give up for this year,” Larry explained. “We’re just about at the end of the season”

“Oh. Thank my lucky stars. I just took a drive-by and saw the sign was gone. My heart sank down to my stomach,” sighed Bill with relief.

Once he applied for financing, we ended up reducing the asking price. After the loan goes through, we’ll all be happy. The location, plus the fact that the house is well built, and practically maintenance-free suited this divorcee business owner perfectly.

Later we found that he’d looked at some of the older homes in Marblehead. Usually, homes with the heritage of early settlers, and gingerbread decorations are a hot real estate item.

“I looked at some older homes that needed a few repairs,” Bill confessed. “I could have made the repairs, but, you know, they would still be old homes. Your house is really well built, and basically maintenance-free.” As a business owner and a part-time single father, he was quite happy about the decision to purchase ours.

Bill’s life situation is perfectly suited to all that the Cape Cod offers. The fit is like a hand and a glove, albeit within a tight-fisted world economy.