Hair removal seems like a never-ending cycle of discomfort and financial drain. However, three easy to use products get the job done on a shoestring budget. One salon laser treatment can run as high as $3,500, and still require additional treatments. If you have the money for such luxury, more power to you. But, for most people, the hunt in on for affordable products that work.

1.The One Touch Deluxe Home Electrolysis unit uses the same method as costly salon electrolysis. An electric current runs through the probe when inserted into the hair folicle just below the skin. It may take a little practice

to master this, but you will catch on quickly. The current is carried to the bottom shaft of the hair, thus destroying the root. A normal growth cycle for hair is about three months. So, do not despair when you see new hairs sprouting in a few weeks. Those dark and coarser untreated hairs will eventually all be cleared.

When treating hyper-sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, try turning the current setting to the lowest level (zero), hitting the hair once or twice to desensitize the area. Then, raise the curret to level to “one “or “two” for fast and effective removal.

After several months of usage, the probe will show signs of wear, often bending to one direction.The One Touch electrolysis kit comes with a replacement probe, wide-gripping tweezers and runs on a 9-volt battery. This unit will save you thousands of dollars from a professional electrolysist and may be purchased online for under $40.

2.The Emjoi Opti-Mini is one of many epilators on the market, but this unit has a unique feature worth investigating. Most epilators sweep in one direction, but the Opti-Mini uses dual heads working in opposite directions. This reduces the pinch and discomfort, and enables you to work without flinching. By nature, epilation means to rip the hairs out, so, truthfully, there are no pain-free products. But, the Opti-Mini will enable you to finish quickly and leaves the skin silky smooth for weeks. Regular use of epilation weakens the hair shaft and ultimately destroys the root. Regrowth will be finer and lighter until the hairs eventually “give up” and can no longer grow back. This product is priced well at $51 at

3. The Tweezee, (pronounced twee-zee) is made by Emjoi and a fantastic little unit to remove hair from small surface areas such as the upper lip and under arms. In addition, Tweeze is cordless and runs on 2 AA batteries, making it a handy travel companion. The tweezing heads are half the size of a standard epilator, but very powerful in clearing a small area. Though quite painful to the initial touch, it swiftly and efficiently clears all hairs in it’s path, thick or thin. Used once a week, it will keep your lip area silky smooth with no bumps or stubble. And over a period of just a few months, hairs will become finer and lighter. For the first-time user, be prepared for a good sting, but, hang in there. In two minutes, you’re done. The economical Tweeze is available online for $15. For more products and if you’re looking into NJ laser hair removal, call us today!