If you are one who is entering into the Cryptocurrency world then it is your responsibility to pay attention on the two important things like Exchange or Brokerage.  There are two types of Cryptocurrency exchanges are out there like Fiat exchanges and Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency exchanges. If you are one who is investing money from other countries then you should consider fiat exchange that will enable you to direct conversion of Euros and US dollars. 

One has to choose the exchange like Coinbase where you can easily buy the Cryptocurrency. Following are 4 fantastic Cryptocurrency exchanges where a person can easily purchase the Bitcoin

  • Coinbase

There are so many Cryptocurrency Exchanges are out there and Coinbase is one of them that is completely Based of the San Francisco.  It is beginner-friendly exchange that comes with user-friendly interface. It is brokerage where you can easily buy the Bitcoin. They are charging 1.49% charges for every transaction.  In order to make large purchases of Bitcoin then one should make the use of Coinbase. If you are one who is beginner in the world of Cryptocurrency then one should consider the Coinbase. You should visit https://cryptoevent.io/review/bitcoin-trader/ where you can easily get to know more regarding best Cryptocurrency Exchange.

  • Bitpanda

When it comes to the best Cryptocurrency Exchange then Bitpanda is first name that comes in our mind.  It will enable you to buy variety of cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin and others. You will able to buy the currency using Euros, British pounds, Swiss and others. It is best ever application that comes with user-friendly interface. A person can easily purchase the Cryptocurrency. They are charging 1.49% for buys. It is extremely great option for those who want to invest money in the Cryptocurrency.

  • CEX.io

Nothing is better than CEX.io that is already offering the high liquidity, security and cross platform trading.  More than 3 million people are making the use of such fantastic platform for the wide variety of Cryptocurrencies. It is best platform that isn’t charging the higher fee.  If you are one who want to buy the variety of altcoins then one should consider the CEX.io that is proven to be great.

  • Kraken

You will find a lot of people are choosing the Kraken that is considered as best exchange that is completely based in the United States. You will able to deposit money using USD, EUR and others.  It is best application that is offering the margin trading that is featuring the 5x leverage. Eligible accounts will surely able to borrow money up to $500,000. With the help of Kraken, one can easily trade the Cryptocurrency on Crypto pairs and fiat as well.

  • Localbitcoins

A lot of traders are choosing the Localbitcoins that is already featuring the genuine escrow service. It is best ever application that is associated with feedback system and resolution. It is one of the great Cryptocurrency exchange for the peer to peer trading. You will able to purchase the Bitcoins without linking the identity.

In addition, these are some fantastic Cryptocurrency exchanges that will enable you to purchase the Bitcoins and other currencies. Make sure that you are considering a reliable platform where one can easily keep the money secure.