Are you a professional microblading artist looking forward to open your own studio in Brooklyn? Hey, that’s great- microblading is getting increasingly popular across NY and Brooklyn is no exception. However, one of the prime things for a quality brooklyn nyc microblading treatment is top-notch pigments. You cannot afford to use pigments that can’t assure natural realistic color or lasting results. Thus, you have to be very particular about using most premium quality microblading pigments only. The post below offers a brief on the best microblading pigments you might count on this year.

Tina Davies

The Tina Davies pigments are surely some of the best in the market, both in terms of realistic looks and lasting results. The best part is these pigments come highly concentrated which enables them to cover just every little blank space across your eyebrow. When you are looking to reward your clients with that perfect fuller natural-looking eyebrows, you can never go wrong with this pigment. Another great aspect is you will find the pigment in as many as 6 colors- Bold brown, Ebony, Blonde, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Ash Brown. Thus, it’s like one pigment set and you are more or less sorted. This one pigment set will enable you to cater to a large numbers of customers.

And yes, you won’t even need to mix any sort of supplement or medication with it.


A favorite of professional microblading artists, Mellie will always make a great investment for your upcoming microblading studio. Before getting into any further discussion, it must be said that Mellie is absolutely safe for probably every kind of skin. Ask why? Well, it’s majorly because the pigment is made from organic resources only- including fruits, veggies as well as other kinds of au-natural products.

In regards of density, the Mellie one is a very thick pigment. So, it’s especially great for people who are almost hairless on eyebrows, say from chemotherapy and other such harsh treatments. It’s just that, if you use it on moderately thinning brows, you have to be little more careful.

Another great aspect of the pigment is that it comes in ready-to-mix solutions. Thus, you won’t have to waste time here to mix up the pigment before use. You will just need to open the pack and you are good to go. This definitely makes the whole process of treatment faster and more convenient.

In regards to colors, you will get the Mellie pigment in as many as 6 color variations- Soft Brown, Golden Brown, Blonde, Dark Brown, Warm Effect and Medium Brown.


The list would be certainly incomplete without the mention of Madluvv pigments for microblading.

Do you know what keeps the pigment ahead in the market? Well, the secret lies in the finest of ingredients used by the company in churning out highest quality pigments in the current market. The top-notch ingredients used in the pigment are alcohol, distilled water, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, glycerine, FD&C as well as D&C.

Then, it must be stressed here that the Madluvv pigments are known for short accurate strokes that provide the perfect finishing to a microblading technique. If you want to assure celeb-like dream brows, then, don’t look beyond Madluvv pigments. They are a perfect synergy of excellent color, awesome quality and gorgeous looks.

BioTouch 36-set

If you are looking for a large and versatile set of pigments, invest in BioTouch 36-set eyes closed. Bio-Touch is known for offering long-lasting and almost permanent results which means less need of touch up. What’s special about these pigments is that they tend to absorb into skin slowly which makes the whole process more effective. Your clients will get that desired vibrant, youthful and fuller look and will be happy to spread the word about your studio around.

Another cool part is, you can easily mix these colors with one another to create a customized look as per the preferences of your clients. However, it’s just that the mixture might get thicker and hence you have to be little more careful while applying on medium-thin eyebrows.

So, you have some of the best names here. Just one thing- invest in multiple options since not all pigments are suitable for every client.