If you love games like The Sims, there are several causal, smaller file games that you can find online in a similar vein. Things are looking good in the world of life sim games. Gone are the days of simple graphics and family structures. Now you can go anywhere or be anyone. Keep reading for just a few of the great options worth the peep.

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

The epic adventure of the Pacific isle of Isola continues in this sequel game. After entering the mysterious cave, the castaways stumble upon a group of lost children on the Western shore of the Island. Your job is to turn these young people into a successful village with scientists, healers, farmers, and parents. Lead your tribe to completing 16 different puzzles, and unlock the mysteries of Isola.


You can be a Wild West tycoon in this game of strategy and resource management. In Westward, the fate of three rising towns lies in your hands. Fight bandits, mine for gold, and make sure there’s a good harvest or your townsfolk won’t survive for long. As your population grows, decide what the community needs, and if there are enough resources to produce it. You can build houses, lumber yards, and trading posts so you can import and export the community’s goods. It comes with an in-depth tutorial, so you’ll be well versed in the workings of the game before you even start.


Every bit as competitive as the industry it represents, Supple is the story of Arin Costello, Associate Editor at a magazine for single urban professional women. Arin wants desperately to work her way up the ladder into the Style Editor position. However, her co-worker, Hugh, has similar ambitions. Can you take his job and have him as well? Help Arin impress her bosses by getting her work done and looking fabulous. This is not a game for amateurs, and it make take a few plays to master, but you certainly will never be bored with Supple.

My Tribe

In this game, you must help a group of shipwrecked individuals build a thriving village from the ground up. Select the island’s layout, build your home, and begin planting crops. Then you can teach the rest of your tribe to do the same. Based in real time, your tribe will be able to breed and develop on their own, but make sure you check in with them often to make sure everything is running smoothly.


What could you do with a decade? Find out with this British addition to the gaming community. Each player starts out by creating his or her own avatar. Thrust into the real world at the age of twenty with no skills, no friends, and a dead end job, what can you accomplish by the age of thirty? Select career moves and weekend activities, and monitor your happiness and wealth. Positive outcomes of decisions result in the receipt of Kudos, which are the game’s currency. This is certainly one of the most fascinating of sim games out there, and once you download the free trial, you’ll be hooked.

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