If you usually are on your feet all day then you would need the best boot insoles or inserts to protect your feet from strain, trauma, as well as wear and tear. Boots would need breaking in so your feet can get used to it, however, there are times that even boot insoles would need some breaking in too.

If you are contented with your boots, then you might want to consider getting yourself a new pair of boot insoles that will keep your body aligned and feet comfortable all day long. The boot options are as wide as the different types of feet which would require different types of insoles as well. You would need to buy boot insoles from https://mymindinsole.com/mindinsole-review/ that are compatible with your feet.

What Boot Insoles Typically Look Like

Boot insoles would vary or could have a mix and match of both soft and rigid types to fit most people. However, boot insoles would mosty fall under the rigid insole type because it is perfectly suits the function of work and hiking boots.

Most boot insoles too are leaning towards more of the orthotic type which is specialized or customized for heavy use and is made more compact, durable, and comfortable too. Boot insoles are most likely removable which allows you to wash and airm them after us.

This also comes very handy and convenient especially because you would need to regularly clean your boots after hiking or a long day at work. With boot insoles, you can stack them on top of each other if you prefer the bulk or stick with just one insole for a thin padding.

Best Insoles for Work or Hiking Boots

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insoles

This is dubbed one of the most popular and best boot insoles available. It’s built with comfort and durability in mind. It’s also very lighweight with an inverted cone foam feature, provides dynamic arch support, maximizes shock absorption, and has the perfect cushioning to keep you stress- and pain-free when set on a trail.

Happy Step Memory Foam Inserts

It’s a winner in cushioning and arch support. So if you need a comfortable insole for your work and hiking boots, then this would be your best choice.  It has a sleek and durable design plus adjustable insoles.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles

It’s designed with a specialized gel cushioning feature to provide personalized comfort and arch support. It also provides you foot massage while you wear it with its gel waves. It comes with a reasonable price tag for maximum insole advantage.

Superfeet Premium Green

This is hailed to be the top or #1 choice with insoles for boots. It’s made of organic material that is great for pain relief of patients with arch pain and plantar fasciitis. It provides ample support for high arches and very durable and versatile enough to handle medium- to high-volume usage. You can use this on you feet all day and not experience any discomfort which allows short break-ins especially for first-time use.

Useful Tips When Shopping for Boot Insoles

Seek the Advice or Recommendation of Medical Experts

If you are suffering from foot anomaliesn like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis, fallen arches, and the like then you should definitely consult your physician with your decision to use boot insoles. They would know the right boot insoles that would provide support and protection for your feet. Use their recommendations when comparing boot insoles so you are sure to purchase the best boot insole for your medical condition.

Cut Down Boot Insoles To The Right Size

A lot of the insoles that are out in the market come in universal sizes which means they are much larger than your actual size. So, all you have to do is to trim or cut them down to fit your actual size. You have to be precise with the cutting and

Down To Size

Some of the inserts and insoles listed here are universal when it comes to sizing. This means that they often come in a larger size than necessary, which means you have to cut them down to your exact size. When doing so, remember to follow the lines given as closely as possible to avoid any shifting once you place the orthotics inside your boots.

Tear Out The Old Ones

You don’t need boots with removable inserts to replace them with these insoles. Even if a pair of boots doesn’t advertise removable or replacable parts, they can still be replaced with a bit of tearing. Just know that some warranties may be voided if you take this action.

Ask a medical expert

If you are seeing a medical expert for foot problems like fallen arches, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and other issues with your feet, the best way to find the right inert is to talk to them. They know what your specific needs are and what areas of the foot need extra support and protection. Your medical team can help you get the best inserts for your boots and can help you protect your feet and avoid any future injuries!

Buy more than one pair

Once you find the insert that is right for you and that has everything you are looking for in terms of support and comfort you should buy several. Sometimes it can be hard to find a particular product if your stores are sold out or are behind on shipments. Having a stock pile of inserts you know work for you can help you avoid times where you need to change out to new inserts but are unable to. It will also reduce the chances of you having to go hunting for a new brand to replace the one you can no longer find.


If you get a pair of good hiking boots that you otherwise really like, but you feel they could be more comfortable, investing in good insoles is certainly worth a look.

Trying to find the perfect hiking boots is a tough and ongoing quest for most, so if something ticks every other box but the insoles are causing you some issues, it could be worth looking into this more to see if some new insoles will do the trick.