Whenever I turn on the news, it seems like creepy critters are everywhere. One way you can change that is by taking a few precautions. So here are few ways you can make sure those bed bugs don’t bite!

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

One of the ways I have kept my house into a bug free zone, is by making sure I don’t bring home anything. When shopping, I would highly recommend checking the benches, chairs, around the mirror and any dark crevices. Then hang up all your try-ons and the clothes you are wearing, so if you did miss a bug, your stuff will be out of reach. I also wash all new clothes before wearing them or putting them in my closet. Another public place you should take precaution in, is movie theaters. Thousands of people sit in those seats and you don’t want to bring home anything. So scope out your seat with a flashlight, and keep your bag and coat on your lap. Finally, before entering your house, do a spot check of your belongings.

2. Look everywhere before relaxing.

I use to get really nervous when going on vacations, because I have heard and read so many hotel horror stories. So one of things that helps calm my nerves, is safeguarding my luggage. Before I leave, I spritz the outside of my suitcase with bed-bug repellent spray. It contains permethrin, a pesticide that’s used by exterminators. Another option, is protecting your suitcase contents by tucking everything inside of plastic bags or using a suitcase liner. Once you get to your hotel room,

I would suggest not unpacking until your have inspect it. Pull up the corners of sheets, mattress pads and look near the headboard. If you can look between the mattress and box spring. If theses places are spotless, then chances are the room is bug-free. Another tip I would give is hang clothes or keep them in airtight plastic bags. Tuck undergarment and other items into the dresser, after you’ve checked and lined the drawers with plastic liner.

3. Buy equipment and test your home for bugs.

While only a professional pest control agent can help you get rid of pests, there is equipment on the market that can let you know if critters are living in your home or not. There is the Climb-Up Interceptor which is a bowl that goes beneath the fee of your bed and has a powder coating inside that traps bugs as they travel to or from your bed. The Climb-Up Interceptor works really well and only costs $21.25 for a set of four. You can find it online at www.usbedbugs.com. Another bug detector I like is the Bed Bug Beacon. Just place contraption next to your bed or laundry room, which are two bed bug hotspots. It will release carbon dioxide, drawing the bugs out and trapping them. After that, all you have to do is call the exterminator.

You must know the fact – what attracts ants? Then there can be planning of some tips for reducing the bed bugs from the house. The advice of experts can be taken for the purpose. Follow these tips and will definitely stay bug free wherever you go.