Travel for seniors can have a whole different set of safety and travel needs. The tips change if a senior is traveling by plane or by car. Here are some senior travel tips that I have learned along the way. As a senior myself I have learned these tips on my travels to places in the US and abroad.

Seniors who are traveling by plane:

Travel Tip for Seniors 1 – It is always hard to walk through the airport rather it is getting to your original flight or a connecting flight. Packing light is a good way to make this long trek easier. Always stop and get a baggage cart to push as this will make moving through the airport much easier.

Travel Tip for Seniors 2 – If senior travelers have special needs it is important to notify the airlines prior to arrival at the airport. That way your airline can have a wheel chair or customer service person available to help the senior through the airport.

Travel Tip for Seniors 3 – If seniors are traveling in wheel chairs or other mobility devices it may be a good idea to have a family member accompany them to their first flight connection. Make sure when entering the airport that you notify security that a companion must accompany this person through the security check in area.

Travel Tip for Seniors 4 – Be sure to carry a hard copy prescription with you for each medication that is being taken daily. Not only a hand written copy but carry your medications in their original bottles.

Travel Tip for Seniors 5 – Make sure that seniors carry their medications in a carryon bag. DO NOT pack them in a check in bag as the chance of loss is too great.

Travel tip for Seniors 6 – If the flight is longer than 2 hours be sure to get up and walk up and down the aisle every 1 to 2 hours to keep legs and feet from swelling and blood clots from forming.

Seniors who are traveling by car:

Travel Tip for Seniors 1 – If seniors are traveling by car be sure that the senior behind the wheel is; well enough to drive; has a valid drivers license; has auto insurance.

Travel Tip for Seniors 2 – Seniors need to stop often when driving long distances as this will alleviate any problems with blood clots in their legs and feet. Stopping every 2 hours and walking around for 10-15 minutes is best.

Travel Tip for Seniors 3 – Stopping to rest often is necessary for seniors. That means if the driver becomes sleepy or tired a stop at the motel is a must. Take a nap, sleep the night through and start fresh in the morning. This will make travel time longer but safety is always what comes first.

Travel Tip for Seniors 4 – Make sure to give yourselves enough time to travel at a leisurely rate of speed. There is no reason to travel quickly from one place to another. Follow the road rules and remember if you are not well enough or strong enough have someone else drive you to your destination.

Travel Tip for Seniors 5 – Pack light. It will be difficult to stop often to rest in a hotel if dragging a heavy suitcase is needed each stop.

Travel Tip for Seniors 6 – If you take medications as with flying carry a hand written prescription and all medications in their original containers.

Travel Tip for Seniors 7 – Let your physicians know you are traveling, where you will be, when you will return.

Travel tip for Seniors 8 – As with driving and flying be sure to check your destination for medical facilities and doctors in the area in case of emergency or medical needs.

You can read more tips about traveling on as well. You will get a good insight of traveling trips and what you should be doing as you plan any trip.