Cannabis proves beneficial for physical and psychological wellbeing, and is now widely legalized and used by people in many states. The best CBD vape pens, topical cream and pills among other CBD products are now available. Thing is, the stigma about cannabis being an addictive drug is still around. That is why it is understandable if you hesitate vaping CBD oil.

What really is CBD, and what are its effects to the body? Would you get high in vaping CBD oil, and would you get addicted to it? These are only few of the questions you want to clarify before buying CBD for vaping.

What is CBD Oil?

For starters, know that cannabis plants such as marijuana and hemp both carry cannabidiol  (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) substances. THC is the psychoactive and addictive compound found in cannabis plants. But hemp only has 0.3% THC content, whereas marijuana has more. That is why the latter causes a person to feel high when consumed.

THC is useful for people who want or need to harness its psychoactive effects. In most states, a prescription is required to buy cannabis products with high THC contents. Thing is, THC and CBD almost bring similar effects and benefits to the body. Only that CBD doesn’t makes you feel high when used. That makes CBD widely available for recreational use in many states.

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil to the Body

Now, it is clear. CBD oil alone won’t make you feel high when vaped. In fact, it brings tons of positive effects to your body and psychological health, such as:

  1. Treat Epilepsy

CBD proves its efficacy in treating epilepsy, especially rare and difficult to control forms. In fact, last June 2018, Food and Drug Administration approved Epidiolex for such purpose. It is the first prescription medicine that specifically carry CBD as its main component.

  1. Induce Sleepiness for People with Insomnia

Yes, CBD oil causes alertness when taken on small amount. But higher doses actually induce drowsiness which is helpful for people suffering from insomnia. 100mg of CBD proves great in increasing sleep time of these people.

  1. Address Anxiety and Depression

Another popular effect of CBD is its efficacy in treating anxiety and depression. When CBD reaches the brain, it helps regulate mood disorders accordingly. Experts even believe it is possibly helpful in treating many forms of anxiety disorder such as PTSD and OCD.

  1. Pain Relief

CBD is also popular in bringing pain relief to the body. That is because of its anti-inflammatory effects, which is helpful in treating ailments such as arthritis. It is also helpful in addressing certain injuries where inflammation or swelling manifest.

  1. Prevent or Regulate Heart Disease

Studies show that CBD produces cardio protective properties among mice. This means it keeps the heart healthy and functioning properly. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory property helps avoid debilitating effects of cerebral ischemia, which is a kind of heart disease that often leads to stroke.

Important Notes in Vaping CBD Oil

CBD oil is certainly beneficial, and it won’t make you high when vaping. However, remember to be careful in CBD, and only buy cartridge with pure CBD oil. Diluted CBD e-juice may cause adverse effects to your body.

Moreover, be sure to consult your physician before vaping CBD. This is to make sure that existing medications or health condition won’t conflict the effects of the compound in your body.