Vacuum cleaners are an excellent investment for homes as they do a good job of keeping the house clean. As they keep our house clean, house members must keep the vacuum cleaner maintained. To make it work properly and have a long life, it must be maintained. There are various tips online that can help in maintaining the vacuum cleaner. It is better to get the hepa vacuums like the Dyson dc17 as it has amazing and newly-built features inside it, which make the cleaning easy.

Here in this article, we will learn how to take care of the vacuum cleaner and maintain it.

  1. Bagreplacement

One of the easiest things to maintain the vacuum cleaner is to replace the bag regularly. It is not mandatory that the bag must be only replaced when it is full. It is considered a best practice to replace the bag when it is 2/3 and not when it is full. The cleaner will no longer be efficient if it is covered with debris, as there will be no place for more debris to be collected.

There are many signs that help you to know that the bag is full, like when the vacuum cleaner suction is not as strong as it was earlier. This is a sign that the bag is full and needs to be replaced at earliest.

  1. Make sure bag is attached properly

Some people find it easy to attach the bag with the vacuum cleaner, but some models require a vast knowledge to attach the bag. You need to connect the hooks and holders to their place and check the opening of the bag is securely attached to the nozzle.

If the bag is not correctly attached, then the debris will be collected in a vacuum cleaner instead of a bag. This might harm the cleaner and damages the moving parts of the vacuum cleaner. Also, ensure that you collect the appropriate bag according to the model of the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Properly clean the brush roll

With time it might be possible that brush roll sticks many items to it that will prevent it from spinning all around. Items like hair, floss, string, etc. can get attached to the brush, and it is better to remove these items before, and if not, then you must properly clean the brush roll. Removing the brush roll from a vacuum cleaner is not a difficult task, but the method varies from model to model. You can also remove the items attached with fingers or deep clean the brush roll by removing it.

  1. Regularly check the filters and hoses

Many vacuum cleaners have filters attached to them, which help pick up the particles and clean the quality of air. You need to clean or change the filters of the vacuum cleaner periodically. Hoses are the objects trapped inside, and if you find out that hoses are not working properly, then the reason might be trapped object. You can check the hoses by sticking the hook inside, and the most common hoses are small toys, socks, underwear, and other little things.

  1. Inspect the belt

Debris collected inside can cause damage to the belt. Brush keeps on rolling, and wear and tear highly affect the belt. You need to regularly inspect the belt, whether it is working correctly or not.