WhatsApp is considered as one of the great cross platform messaging application that is offering a subscription model for users.  It is an incredible platform that is earning revenue via two fantastic methods. This particular platform is offering the top-notch quality service for the first year free of cast. After that, it is charging $0.99 per year. 

It would be quite difficult to find a person who has paid a penny for such incredible service.  Such a fantastic platform is generating revenue from the database management system. They are continually backing up essential data. The popularity of such a fantastic platform is at its peak. It would be quite difficult to find a competitor of the whatsapp. Currently, 1.5 million people are using the whatsapp. To know more regarding the whatsapp business model, then you should read the following essential points carefully.

  • Features & users 

Whatsapp is one of the most popular platforms that was built by Brian Aton in 2009.  It is a perfect solution for pricey SM services. Developers have added a variety of great features like voice messages, read receipts, and photo sharing.  They are offering the ad0free platform and focusing on the user experience. Such an incredible platform is gathering a lot of data from the conversation patterns, behavioral information, and live locations. It is considered as one of the great freemium models that are continually offering a considerable amount of benefits to those who don’t want to spend a penny on the messages. Such a fantastic platform is focusing more on the communication among business and its users.  The majority of the folks are searching how does whatsapp make money 2020? 


  • Focusing on growth 

Nothing is better than whatsapp that is adding millions of users on a regular basis. The growth of whatsapp is fairly exponential. The majority of the folks are using such a fantastic platform to communicate with the original person. It has become an indispensable application.  According to the resources, whatsapp is selling the private data to Facebook that is heavily criticized.  The data management scheme of the whatsapp is fairly speculation. It is one of the great platforms that isn’t associated with ad marketing. Such a fantastic messaging application isn’t monetized in any method. This particular model is considered one of the most popular models in Asia. It is one of the great free communication platforms for a lot of people. 

  • Database management 

Whatsapp is generating revenue via database management. They are taking the backup of essential data on a regular basis. It is considered as invaluable data for the big firms.  It is the best platform that is associated with advanced security features. Such a great platform comes with  3 billion downloads. This particular platform is making a considerable amount of profit. It is the best platform that is making the money without any ads.  People from rich countries are donating a dollar to the whatsapp. According to the marketers, the revenue of the whatsapp is very low, and Facebook revenue is quite higher than the others.  Whatsapp totally depends on the Annual fee model; that’s why revenue is quite lower than the others.

  • Revenue generation strategies 

American venture capital firm has invested $60 million in whatsapp. It is considered as one of the great sources of the income for almost 50 staff members.  They don’t have a sufficient amount of money for the servers. That’s why they are charging a $1 subscription fee. There are some countries where a person needs to pay $1 to download the whatsapp. The revenue of the whatsapp is 700 million. Such an incredible platform was monetized in the limited fashion. This particular platform is generating meaningful revenue from the subscriptions. According to the professionals, whatsapp is going to change the revenue strategy. It is one of the best tools that will enable you to communicate with clients.  Ultimately, whatsapp is the best platform that is giving experience without third-party ads.


  • Whatsapp business 

Recently, Facebook has created a perfect whatsapp business application that enables users to make a perfect business profile. You will able to create a verified business on the whatsapp. One can easily set up autoresponders.  Verified users will surely be able to add landline numbers on the whatsapp. Moreover, whatsapp business API is considered as one of the great revenue earning product.  It would be better to integrate for business. It will surely help you in making a strong bonding with customers. It is one of the best features that can easily respond to the queries automatically. API is the best thing that is sending the shipping confirmation to others.

  • Strategic platform 

The majority of the business owners completely depends on the Business API that will enable businesses to respond to their respective clients for free for almost 24 hours. They are already charging a fixed amount of fee for every message. The charge completely depends on the country to the country. Business owners will able to send the message manually by making the use of whatsapp business application. API is associated with 3 million users.  Moreover, the company is making a considerable amount of money from the API feature. You will have to pay nine cents for every message. There are so many businesses are out there that totally depend on the whatsapp business application. API has 3 million users; that’s why they are making a lot of profit. 

  • Business strategy of whatsapp 

Facebook is one of the great platforms that is making a considerable profit than expected. That’s why he isn’t displaying the ads on the whatsapp because users will automatically get irritated. Whatsapp is one of the great business models. This particular platform is taking a lot of risks. Mark wants a considerable amount of user-base. He is a concern related to the user base. Mark will surely be able to start the whatsapp monetization so they will able to earn a considerable amount of profits with ease. 

  • What really whatsapp payment? 

Recently, whatsapp launched the first UPI-based payment application that is proven to be great. Such a fantastic application is offering a considerable amount of benefits to the business.  Whatsapp users will surely be able to transfer money. This particular application supports the biggest banks.  Whatsapp is going to launch the Libra association that will help you in buying the products or send money internationally. If you are running a business, then it would be better to create a business profile on whatsapp. You will able to add a variety of important information like email address, website, and description as well.  In order to use such an application properly, then you will have to pay a nominal fee.


Conclusive words 

Lastly, whatsapp is a really incredible service that is available for the Windows platform, Blackberry OS, and others. Such a fantastic company totally depends on the data management scheme.  Such a platform is continually offering lots of benefits to those who don’t want to invest a single penny on other messaging platforms. If possible, then try to make the use of a paid platform because whatsapp can easily earn a lot of money.  The revenue model of the whatsapp totally depends on Facebook. It is considered a secure platform where you will able to share everything with ease.