When it comes to the game that you are playing from ages, you get to know about the flaws and the faults in the game. Now it is up to the player that what they want to improve in the game and how they can get the best results from it.  Developing a game that is quite famous in the market becomes a responsibility that everyone cannot bear to tolerate. It is because your small mistake in the updation process can let many people to lose interest in the gaming world.  

Minecraft is the game that many people are playing since a long period of time and when it comes to the updation the users have along list of things that they want and also some of the things that they do not want to have in the game anymore. And same is the situation of the minecraft alt generator you will find all the suggestions that people want in the game mentioned below.

Do not add more ore

One main thing that is the core part of the game and still is making an issue in the eyes of the people is the ore that they see in the game. In simple words the blured pattern that people see in the game is also a concerning and the players are not ready to see it more in the game.

The game is loaded with this ore effect they are tired seeing all the things in the game and the developers will have to see this issue as the major concern from the people and should also work in the way that they can reduce the level of ore in the game.

Increase the rivers and water bodies

Water bodies and rivers play an important role in the game, the whole game is depending upon the game and you will have to focus on the point that the developers improve the river width and water bodies strength.

In many cases the water bodies or the rivers also define the area of the territory of one country to another, from one place to another or in any other form.

  Remove the guns and other weapons

Minecraft is a kind hearted and free game that is specially made for the kids, one thing that affects  players is the weapons. It is quite clear that the game is not demanding any sort of weapons like guns and granades and the players are also asking that you should not apply any sort of guns in the game.

 Biome updates are necessary

Biome are the best thing that people are demanding in the game it is because they are the deciding factor if the game. A player will make a decision that whether they are going on the plains, mountains are at any other place when they see a biome on eth land.

  The mine craft need not require to go and look for the new updates in the game and they also need not require to add things that will increase the broadness of the game. So instead of getting new increase in the game criteria better is that the game work on the improving the original version of the game only.

Increase the weather criteria

The game becomes interesting when the players get to see new weathers in the game and the players who are playing the game from decades are also asking for the weather to increase with time. So the developers need to maintain the proper record and that they are offering weather in the betterment of the people in the right way.