Cats are among the most common types of animals to serve as pets throughout the world. What’s unique about it is that it cuts across cultures, and it’s not at all difficult to find a home with a pet cat, just about wherever it is you go. With that said, taking care of cats entails getting the best litter box for large cats, as well as other materials that are necessary for proper cat care. With that said, what are some of the cat breeds that come originally from the United States?


This big breed of cat has a lifespan of 9 up to 15 years. It is a version of the Siamese cat, except that it’s a long-haired one. It’s one of the smarter breeds, where they love playing fetch like dogs, and also just like dogs, can even be walked on a leash. It’s a social cat, and you may be caught off-guard, but it’s actually a really demanding one in terms of attention. They tend to follow you around and be on your bed or on your lap, wherever you may be.


Even it if is named such, it is one of the 12 breeds whose roots can be traced to the United States. It has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and it can come in a variety of colors and patterns, unlike other breeds that are much more uniform. They are one of the sportier breeds, making them much easier to train and more fun to play with as well. They also are hungry for attention, as this cat breed has the tendency to whine and pout is not much attention is given to them.

Maine Coon

Maine is a State in the US, and hence it’s no surprise seeing the breed here. It’s heavier than other breeds featured, given that they weigh 9-18 pounds, and just like other breeds, they also have a lifespan of 9 to 15 years. One word of caution for these cats is that they aren’t really fond of playing with kids, but they enjoy being with people. It’s not that demanding for attention, too. Another unique feature of this cat is its fondness for mice, and can even climb for it.


Another heavy breed is the Savanna, which can weigh 8 to 20 pounds. It also has a long lifespan of up to 20 years, and it a combination of several breeds like Oriental Shorthairs, Egyptian Maus, Bengals, and even Domestic Shorthairs. They are adventurous and really active, and are also one of the most alert, confident, friendly, and curious cats, which is why it will be no surprise seeing your cat exploring the surroundings. If you have kids around, however, extra care may be needed as they are not known for being the kid-friendly type. If you can promise to do this, however, getting the Savannah breed is actually one of the best choices you can make.